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Image for post Community Involvement: Tacoma Nature Center Work Party 2024

Community Involvement: Tacoma Nature Center Work Party 2024

Community Involvement

For our community service initiative this month, NAI Puget Sound Properties embraced our commitment by joining the Tacoma Nature Center work party!

The Tacoma Nature Center

The Tacoma Nature Center (TNC) is a significant attraction of Tacoma and the greater Pierce County region. Located about 4 miles from our Tacoma office, TNC is a beautiful park with 71 acres of forest and wetlands, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy the scenery as they walk or run along its trails. The park is also home to Snake Lake, a stunning water feature that was once used to ice skate! As a popular destination for recreation and community gatherings, it is important to take action to protect and maintain this beautiful park.

Our Experience at TNC

Our service started with a brief walk into the park. We enjoyed the serene atmosphere and took in sights like the swampy marshes and the boardwalk over the lake situated just under the I-16 highway. We rolled up our sleeves to care for the park, tackling invasive plants like Hawthorn, Himalayan Blackberries, and Scotch Broom. Despite the difficult plants, we cherished our time outdoors, contributing to the vitality of this park. We had the opportunity to engage with the managing members of the park, gaining valuable insights from their wealth of experience in stewarding one of Tacoma's natural treasures.

We chose to participate in this April community service event to actively contribute to the well-being of Tacoma, our beloved city. By dedicating our time to work in parks, we aim to enhance the green spaces that are vital to the health and vibrancy of our community. Joining initiatives like the Tacoma Nature Center work parties organized by Metro Parks Tacoma allows us to directly affect our environment while fostering a deeper connection to the city we call home.

Learn more at Metro Parks Tacoma!

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