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Image for post Community Involvement: Jubilee REACH

Community Involvement: Jubilee REACH

This year for our summer community service event we partnered with Jubilee REACH to help restore the exterior of a home for someone in need. We raised close to $2,000 to help complete the restoration. 7 gallons of paint, 80 fence boards, 20+ yellowjacket stings, 7 yards of soil and 8 hours later, we left feeling we really made an impact on a family in our community!

Jubilee Reach listens to the deeper needs in our community. A total of “814 volunteers served 18,401 hours with Jubilee REACH this past year, meeting the needs of our community where they are presented with compassionately delivered service.” If you would like to get involved with their organization, please contact them here.

View the full photo gallery on our Facebook page!

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