Puget Sound Insider - 1Q 2021

First Quarter 2021 was another superb quarter for the Puget Sound Industrial Market. There is an old adage I heard some time back that stuck. There is so little great in life, if you find it, appreciate it. Wise words that I have carried with me. Applying it isn’t really that hard. Remember the first time you listened to London Calling by The Clash? The wonder you felt watching Steph Curry repeatedly drain a 30-footer? How jazzed you were, walking out into that hot summer night, after watching Die Hard in a theater? The point is that it doesn’t take a lot of thought, you just know. I have come to feel that way about our little industrial market...

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Seattle Industrial Market Report - Mid-Year 2020

As we closed the books on 2019 and said hello to a new decade, many experts wondered if we were approaching the end of the unprecedented economic run that was the 2010s...

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