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Image for post Community Involvement: Food Lifeline 2024

Community Involvement: Food Lifeline 2024

Community Involvement

In January, our commitment to community service led us to Food Lifeline in Seattle, where our dedicated team actively participated in sorting and packaging food. This endeavor aimed to support other food banks across Western Washington, resulting in the organization of over 4,000 pounds of baked goods for those experiencing hunger.

Food Lifeline, with a mission to eradicate hunger in Western Washington, believes in the fundamental human right of access to food. They provide nutritious meals to 1.37 million individuals facing hunger by sourcing food from diverse industry partners. Through a network of 350 food banks, shelters, and meal programs, they manage to distribute the equivalent of more than 282,000 meals each day. Simultaneously, Food Lifeline works to address the root causes of hunger, such as poverty, racial inequity, and social injustice. Their approach involves advocacy efforts to influence policy at the local, state, and federal levels, collaboration with organizations tackling poverty-related issues, and bundling food assistance with other community-based programs and services.

While visiting Food Lifeline, we learned about their belief that individuals who have experienced or are currently living with food insecurity are experts in solving the issue. Unfortunately, food assistance programs are often designed without their input. Recognizing the strength in collaboration with community organizations and listening to those facing hunger daily, we understand that addressing hunger and its underlying causes requires a collective effort.

Our goal for the month was to contribute to Food Lifeline’s mission of providing nutritious food to 1.37 million people facing hunger. Thanks to the support of our team, we were able to make a meaningful impact.

To learn more about Food Lifeline and contribute to their cause, visit

Stay tuned for updates on our community service efforts in February!

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