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Investment Management

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Different from traditional equity or bond investments, real estate investments are tangible. These investments require a different skillset, mindset, team members, and tracking tools to maximize your return on investment. Our management services team brings practical experience and expertise in both real estate portfolio development and management. We strive to build lasting client relationships and use a customized approach to ensure your investment strategy scales and evolves with you.

As part of our service, we offer an annual evaluation and opinion of market value. By capitalizing on our market relationships, experience and knowledge, combined with utilizing the information gathered, such as; exterior and interior examination, building and site analysis, trade area information and analysis, external data sources, previous and current leasing and sales data, property assessment data, and property profit and loss information, we are able to provide a Broker Opinion of Value Report for each commercial property.

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Management Services

Investment Management Services

  • Bank financing
  • Alternative financing 
  • Private lending
  • Syndication
  • Joint ventures (JV)
    • Cash on cash analysis
    • Cash on equity analysis
    • Tax planning
    • 1031 Exchange
    • Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)
    • Retail
    • Office
    • Industrial
    • Multifamily
    • Land
    • Exterior & Interior examination
    • Building & Site analysis
    • Trade Area Information & analysis
    • External data sources
    • Past and present leasing & sales data
    • Property assessment data
    • Property profit & loss information

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