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Image for post Community Involvement: Jubilee REACH 2024

Community Involvement: Jubilee REACH 2024

In June, our Community Service Team (CST), alongside Brokers Mike George and Will Schmidt, partnered with Jubilee REACH to rejuvenate a local family's home.

Under the summer sun, our dedicated volunteers worked hard to restore the exterior of the house. They painted, landscaped, rebuilt a shed, and made essential repairs, transforming the space into a renewed, enjoyable area for the family. This project was not just about physical improvements but also about strengthening our sense of community.

After weeks of planning, our team spent a full day bringing the restoration to life. Thanks to our supporters, we raised $1,900 for the project. Every dollar and every volunteer hour demonstrated the power of community when we unite for a common cause. Seeing the transformation was truly inspiring and filled us with pride.

To learn more about Jubilee REACH and their community contributions, visit Their commitment to service reflects our values of compassion and solidarity.

We look forward to sharing more about our team's initiatives. Stay tuned for updates on how we continue to make a positive impact in our community.

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